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GeM is one stop Government e-Market Place where user goods and services can be procured. GeM is dynamic, self sustaining and user friendly portal for making procurement by Government officers. Public procurement forms a very important part of Government activity and reform in Public Procurement is one of the top priorities of the present Government. Government e-Marketplace (GeM - is a very bold step of the Government with the aim to transform the way in which procurement of goods and services is done by the Government Ministries and Departments, Public Sector Undertakings and other apex autonomous bodies of the Central Government.

What We Do In GeM Registration?

We do the entire process of GeM Registration like:

  1. Company registration.

  2. Vendor assessment. 

  3. Brand approval. 

  4. Product Catalog Management.

  5. We collect all the required documents and process it for GeM online registration as per the need of the customer.

  6. We also compile and submit bids on behalf of the Customer 

Advantage of  GeM Online Registration

Direct access to all Government departments.

  1. One stop shop for marketing with minimal efforts.

  2. One stop shop for bids / reverse auction on products / services

  3. New Product Suggestion facility available to Sellers

  4. Dynamic pricing: Price can be changed based on market conditions

  5. Seller friendly dashboard for selling and monitoring of supplies and payments

  6. Consistent and uniform purchase procedures

What are the pre-requisite for a primary seller/Service Provide for GeM Registration.

The pre-requisites for a primary seller/service provider registration are:
1. Constitution Type such as Properitorship, Firm, Company, Trust or Society and Central Government/State Government.
2. Constitution Name.
3. Aadhaar Number or Personal PAN of the user(Authorized signatory of ITR)
4. For Aadhaar based registrations, mobile number which is linked with the Aadhaar is required.
5. Documents such as CIN, PAN, DIPP, UAM, ITR details as per the constitution of the organization may be required for seller registration.
6. Address of the organization.
7. Bank account details of the organization
8. Active email id.

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If you are looking for service like GeM registration online, Government tender, Tender Bidding, Tender drafting, Project Management Service and so on then you can contact us +91 9990244611.

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