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Bidding Services
Bid Strategy & Scripting Advisory

Bidding is a complex activity like bid for tenders involves serious decision making beginning from, whether to bid or not because winning or losing has financial and legal implications, coordination with various stakeholders for formation of pre-qualification, technical and financial bid. It therefore requires a process-oriented approach; however the dynamics of each bid changes the processes followed. The bidding process requires to be continuously evolved in a robust way to cater to each bid opportunity. To mitigate these challenges Veda Mode recommends services of our bid strategy advisory.

Veda Mode tender bidding strategy & scripting services advisory includes for any tenders including tenders on Government E marketplace (GEM) Portal :

  • SWOT / PESTLE analysis for formulating precise technical and commercial bid.

  • Formulate tender bidding strategy to increase winning probability and address competition.

  • Develop a set of queries, clarifications, suggestions and concerns to ensure 100% clarity aiding in decision making.

  • Formulate USP’s of products, services and solutions offered and their incorporation in bid.

  • Understand the practices being followed by the industry for successful tender bidding through gap analysis.

  • Analyze winning bids to understand and create inspiration for other bids.

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The “Art of Bidding” program aids in acquiring theoretical and practical insights of successful government bidding strategies and public procurement guidelines.

Veda Mode’s Art of Bidding orientation program covers the comprehensive know how of Bidding and the following subjects:

  • Basics of Public Procurement

  • Understanding irregularities in NIT, EOI, RFI / RFP/ RFQ

  • Public Procurement Guidelines - CVC

  • Verification & Clarity of pre-qualification/ eligibility conditions – understanding cartelization/ rigging scope   

  • Drafting effective pre-bid queries and its relevance

  • Understanding loopholes/ pitfalls/ hidden agendas in technical & functiona requirements

  • Simulating technical and financial bids

  • Understanding & Positioning POC/ Demo/ Presentation for Technical Bid Evaluation

  • Gauging competition & analyzing their offerings

  • Objection handling, Negotiations, Contract Drafting & Signing

Art of Bidding
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