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Businees Policy Advocacy Services
Project Management Services
Business Policy Advocacy Services

Veda Mode offers services to strengthen the foothold in political, technical and policy ecosystem, by influencing the strategic legislative, regulatory, and executive government authorities on policies related to taxes, duties, trade restrictions, labor laws, technical specifications, guidelines and regulations.


Our Advocacy Services include activities aimed to influence political, economic, social, legal, technical and related establishments to tune the policies that lead to conducive business environment.We align the client’s globalization objectives, by protecting and augmenting policy interests, providing intelligence and assessment of policy and political risk, as well as developing & implementing issue based campaigns for mitigation legislative and regulatory strategies.

Our team has the expertise to understand and analyze each jurisdiction that is governed by a unique set of challenges, processes & customs.


We act as clients’ representative; facilitate to engage the influential policy architects with the precise message at the opportune moment to protect clients’ business concerns and enterprise value by appropriately representing at relevant municipal, state & central government stakeholders, regulatory & statutory bodies, chambers of commerce and trade associations, policy institutes and academic establishments.

Our landscape of services includes:

  • Lobbying towards Complimentary Business Policy 

  • Policy Impact Analysis  & its fall outs

  • Drafting White Papers & Strategic Positioning Papers/ Presentations

  • Opinion Formation & Influencing Strategies 

  • Stakeholder Engagement & Advantages 

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Contract / Project Management
  • Validating project plan, timelines, deliverables & responsibilities of stakeholders.       

  • Formulate strategy and implementation processes to escalate showstoppers, sub-contracting issues, etc.

  • Identify and formulate governance functions in line with   business objectives.

  • Formulate performance review mechanism &         methodology including process optimization & re-   engineering strategies.

  • Design and deploy assurance framework and conduct specific contract compliance and performance reviews to   meet targets.

  • Contract / Project closure documentation & methodology to secure last milestone payments, security   deposit, PBG, etc.

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Veda Mode team ensures that all deliverables and documentation required towards compliance of various milestones of the contract / project are secured with relevant hierarchical approvals to ensure smooth execution of contract.

​Veda Mode’s approach for contract / project management includes:

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