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What is Bid Management and Why Is It Important?

If you want to do a business with a government then you have to be proficient in Bid Management as government procures through tenders.

Tender is a RFP (Request for Proposal) wherein the pre-qualification criteria, Technical specifications/scope of work is define along with the business terms and conditions to select a technically competent and economically competitive vendor/contractor.

Bid Management

Government invite tender for various products, services and works, however the basics structure of the bid remain same. A good understanding of the basic structure will help you handle bid management in the most efficient and effective manner.

Government follows procurement and bidding guidelines for each and every tender thus providing uniformity in approach and methodology.

In order to manage bid processing activity you need to have understanding of the following parameters

1. Procurement Guidelines: Semi Government, State Government follows the procurement guidelines applicable to them for defining eligibility conditions general condition of the contract and the special conditions of the contract. In order to judge anomalous in the condition you needs to have Complete understanding of the procurement guidelines.

2. Documentation requirement : For preparing a bid you require following type of documents introduction of your firm, Status of your Company, Company Credential, Financial statements, liquidity credentials , Experience of similar work, performance certificate, Data Sheet, technical compliance, Declaration, Commercial proposal etc.

3. Platform: Majority of the bids are on e-procurement portals which require basic technical skills for submission of bid.

If you have been following the above and your tender bidding winning rate is low then you may contact us for seeking training on tender drafting or consulting, advisory that shall lead to enhance success rate.

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